Community Screening and Fundraising Event. 
OCTOBER 5th, 2019 – 6pm reception, 7pm screening
34 S Broad Street, Fairborn, OHIO 45324
The Fairborn City Council is allowing me to reopen the abandoned Fairborn Twins Theater for a 1 day community fundraising and screening event on October 5th, 2019. The city wants to use this event as a springboard to attract investors with hopes to reopen the theater to host film screenings, film festivals, and create an incubator for young filmmakers with no other place to go. 
The idea to reopen the theater was inspired while editing the film. Mike said, “We look at these houses the same way we look at our clients. We want to take something that has been counted out, discredited, considered trash and garbage, and remodel it — revitalize it and bring it to a state of recovery so that it’s serving a purpose again.” 
Overtime, the theater's marquee letters have slowly fallen. The high, monolithic sign that once read "FAIRBORN" in proud red letters, now only reads "FA." I have lost many hometown friends to this epidemic and this is my way of trying to light up a dark world, just as this event will help to light up the theater again.
We will have booths set up to help consult guests on how to help seek treatment for themselves or a loved one. We will also have donation booths available to go toward the film being shown around the world.